Tenant Ranking

Can you instantly tell who your best applicants are?
With Movely you can.

Real Data, Real Quick

Movely aggregates and ranks all of your tenant references and application data, so you get a clear view on who you should be making offers to.

Tenant Ranking in a flash

Only you can decide who will make for a good tenant for your landlord, but we can certainly help.

Movely builds a renters profile for tenants, pulling together data from numerous sources. From agent and employment references, to external checking services, we’re able to provide an instant and dynamic view of your tenant.

This information is then overlaid against the property they are applying for, and compared against other applicants.

An aggregated view of all your tenant data

Movely doesn’t insert opinions or assumptions. Instead, it pulls together the vast amount of data that you are collecting whenever you put a property on the market. Some of the information we collate and present includes:

  • Application completeness
  • Cover letter details
  • Financial capability
  • Number of co-applicants on an application
  • Rental references
  • Employment references
  • Previous rental history
  • Whether a guarantor is included

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