Streamlined Tenant Applications

Add an attendees mobile number during an OFI and Movely will handle the rest – from follow ups to one-click applications.

Quicker and easier applications

Existing online tenant application forms are unnecessarily long and hard to complete.

Movely is quick, easy, and works on any device. The typical tenant application takes only five minutes to complete.

For a property manager, this means you receive fully completed tenant applications quicker than ever before, as tenants aren’t turned off by the application process.

Only receive complete tenant applications

Movely’s smart technology ensures that tenants must provide all required information before submitting.

You’ll be able to track the status of submissions in progress, but you’ll never again receive half completed applications.

Because the Movely application process is streamlined, but also makes the minimal fields mandatory, property managers no longer have to deal with half-complete applications that are missing the required attachments.

This means less follow ups and less wasted time, so you can get to approving tenants straight away.

Let's get you started

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Automated Notifications

Movely keeps all parties informed on their applications progress, and on any updates to the property, such as when the property has been accepted by someone else.

It even follows up OFI attendees after an inspection, prompting them to apply for properties they have shown interest in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Movely with other systems and applications forms?

Absolutely. You can continue to receive applications via any other online application system (e.g. 1Form). They don’t interfere with each other whatsoever, so you’re free to trial Movely whilst you continue to receive applications in traditional ways.

What devices does Movely work on?

Tenants can apply using any device they like – phone, tablet or computer.

How long do applications typically take to complete?

Five minutes on average. The form dynamically adjusts as the user completes their applications, so that they are never entering unneeded information. It also pre-populates much of the information on the users behalf.