Movely is your property assistant


Add attendees with a few clicks, highlight great potential tenants by adding additional notes.  All OFI attendees receive an automated application link via SMS. Unlike other systems, when a tenant clicks the SMS links, their details are automatically populated (name, phone etc.), and they’re instantly in the application process for your property. Get more completed applications quicker.


Quick, responsive and complete applications on any device. The typical tenant application takes only five minutes to complete.

For a property manager, this means you receive fully completed tenant applications quicker than ever before, as tenants aren’t turned off by the application process.


Movely builds a renters profile for tenants, pulling together data from numerous sources. From agent and employment references to external checking services, we’re able to provide an instant and dynamic view of your tenant.

This information is then overlaid against the property they are applying for and compared against other applicants. That’s 200+ data points checked and validated allow you to select your best candidates.


Make offers to applicants and track the progress. No more waiting for responses, match this with our Landlord Manager and this allows your landlord to make there own preferred application selection based on the summaries provided.

Move In

Utility connections, exit cleaning, insurance the lot..

Movely is API driven meaning we can integrate with ease and can work with your existing connection aggregator. As we are end to end, this means no manual handling and seamless tenant experience.

Built for agents

You’ll be amazed by how movely can help with your day to day processes.

Increase productivity without losing reliability with Movely's 200+ data points & fields validated in minutes not days. Rely on real data, not assumptions.