Open For Inspection Manager

Manage and track attendees, free welcome SMS, and an easy way for tenants to apply for your property – right from their phone.

Free Welcome SMS

When a prospective tenant arrives at your open for inspection (OFI), simply take down their name, number and email.

They’re instantly sent a free SMS welcoming them to the property, passing on your contact details, and providing them a link to apply for the property.

Manage and track OFI attendees

Take comments and notes on those who attends your OFI. Highlight great potential tenants that really stand out.

This valuable information you capture remains with the tenants profile the whole way through, so any notes you take at an OFI, carry through to the time the tenant applies.

Start the tenant application process

All OFI attendees receives an automated application link via SMS. Unlike other systems, when a tenant clicks the SMS links, they’re details are automatically populated (name, phone etc.), and they’re instantly in the application process for your property.

More completed applications get submitted, and quicker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Movely with other systems and applications forms?

Absolutely. You can continue to receive applications via any other online application system (e.g. 1Form). They don’t interfere with each other whatsoever, so you’re free to trial Movely whilst you continue to receive applications in traditional ways.

What devices does Movely work on?

Use Movely at your inspections on any device – phone, tablet or laptop.

What’s the benefit of using Movely at inspections?

Agents who use Movely at OFIs see a higher number of tenant applications come through at a faster rate, and at a higher quality (e.g. completed apps with all required docs). Movely makes the application process simpler, and prompts users to apply (via SMS and email) as soon as they come through the inspection.