Landlord Manager

Summarise and send applicants to your landlord in one click, ready for approval.

Be Mobile

Send application summaries in seconds, minimise response times and push for faster approvals.

Short List & Send

Shortlist your preferred applicants with one-click, then send a summary of each application. Enable your landlord to select and rank their preferences in real time.

Getting application feedback from landlords quicker reduces the approval time, meaning you’re less likely to miss out on top tenants, and ensures you’re minimising the amount of rent lost.

Stop playing phone tag

Landlords can select their preferred applicant(s) via the app. Instead of manually forming up applicant summaries, then waiting on landlord responses, let us take care of this for you.

In Movely, all all of this is automated. All you need to do is review the summaries and send. The landlord has a simple and intuitive interface that allows them to review and approve applicants in realtime, helping you getting tenants approved and into properties sooner.

Let's get you started

Automate your property management life today

Keep everyone informed and up to date

Shortlist and send your preferred applicants in seconds, automatically summarised and ready for their approval.

Minimise delays by allowing your vendor to select and respond

Valuable Campaign Data

Movely keeps the landlord informed with information they care about: number of OFI attendees, highest/average rental offers, lost income to date.

One Click Close-Out

When a property has been successfully leased, simple close the listing. Movely will notify all applicants, keeping everyone informed and allowing all parties to move onto their next opportunity.