Movely is the only end-to-end application system

Access everything you need, from anywhere, on any device

What makes Movely different?

5 simple steps to success, movely brings you referenced applications ready for your approval. Imagine never chasing up a reference or processing an application again!

Spend more time on the important things in life and let movely do the day to day.

  1. List your property

    Create your listing in a matter of seconds, or have them automatically synced with your Domain account.

  2. Open for inspection

    Use Movely at your OFIs from phone or tablet. Track attendees as they come through, and send them a friendly welcome SMS with your details and application form link.

  3. Let the applications roll in

    Because the Movely application process is so simple, you’ll start receiving applications straight away. With all the docs and details in one place, you can start reviewing them on any device.

  4. References & Ranking

    Movely’s smart technology takes the effort out of checking tenant references by completely automating this process for you. When you step into the office, you’ll receive applications that have been fully reference checked and ranked according to their suitability.

  5. Offers & Approval

    When you’ve found that perfect tenant, making an offer is as simple as 1-click. The tenant is instantly notified about the offer, and you’ll be notified as soon as they accept. Movely takes care of all of notifications automatically, and helps manage your tenancy agreements as well.

Open For Inspection Manager

Engagement with potential applicants starts at the the inspection. Enter their details and Movely does the rest.

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Tenant Ranking

Get automatic insights into who your best applicants are so you’re always getting the best possible tenants

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Streamlined Tenant Applications

Streamlined tenant applications that take only 5 minutes to complete, means more complete applications in your inbox quicker.

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Landlord Manager

Fast-track landlord review and approvals, and get tenants into properties quicker – all automated by Movely.

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Automated Reference Checks

How much time do you or your agent spend on reference checks every week? Let Movely take care of this for you.

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Application Manager

Rid your life of paper once and for all! View and manage all listings and applicants from anywhere on any device.

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Movely Spotlight

Movely was created as we saw the need for change in the real estate industry especially property management. Technology hasn’t changed in the last 10 years, however, the demand and stress have increased drastically with agents required to work excessive hours and expected to be contactable 24/7. We believed there had to be a simpler process to allow managers to manage more properties whilst minimising the day to day tasks that could easily be automated.

Movely was born and tested by industry experts and movely intends to evolve based on the feedback of property managers and agents; Growing with the industry.

The better way to approve a tenant for a property!

Stop processing rental applications, chasing incomplete applications and rental references.