Automated Reference Checks

In the future, the way we check and validate tenant references is going to look very different. Bring the future to your agency now.

Never perform a reference check again

Movely’s smart technology requests and validates all references your tenants provide, so you don’t have to.

Never chase a reference

No more follow-ups. No more phone tag. Just completed applications to your inbox.

Movely makes contact

Landlords and Agents

Movely contacts landlords and agents, both current and previous ones. Tenant Ledgers are automatically requested and attached to the renters profile, and a series of targeted questions are requested of the reference, based on the data provided by tenants. Follow ups are automated as well, so you don’t have to anything.

Employers and Personal References

Everyone lives a busy life and we understand applicants are on a deadline, so we pre-approve by contact the applicants, employers, personal references and friends and family to provide a detailed profile. So you can review and approve at a glance.

References checked automatically

As soon as a tenant submits an application, Movely gets very busy checking all those references and confirming their accuracy and authenticity.

References can be checked from a variety of different sources – former property managers, landlords, employers, accountants – really any reference provided.

Access to full rental profiles

It makes no sense that a tenant has to get their references checked over and over again. For the first time ever, tenants are able to have fully verified and checked references all built into their profiles.

This means that the second a tenant applies for a property with you, you’ll get full access to their renters profile, including any references they’ve received previously.

Trusted and reliable checks

When a reference is provided, it is matched and checked against 200+ data points for validation. This includes validation against other systems, location validation based on IP address mapping, and email address verification.

You can be assured that when a reference check is verified by Movely, it is accurate and can be trusted.

End phone tag for good

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